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Sloth Candle Co.

For a Slow Burn

Samantha Sloth


We have several scented candles for all seasons. There are fragrances for everyone. Check them out and find the fragrance just for you!


We have a variety of earrings in all shapes and colors. Find a pair that you are sure to love!


We make stylish household decorations that will look fabulous in your home!

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Sloth Candle Co.

Candles and Accessories for Sloth Lovers and People that Love all Cute Things

Sloth Candle Co. is pretty much the best candle company on the planet. I love these candles!


These candles have a slow burn with an amazing scent. The candle wax is very pretty and I would definitely buy these candles again!


These candles are so good I almost want to eat them. I totally recommend you try them. You won't be disappointed.